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“I recently had the opportunity of Meditating on the unique marble sculptures of Mr. Ulf Eggert.
He was exhibiting new works during the “Biennale of International Contemporary Arte” in Florence, Italy in December, 2007.
His technique is very strong and shows a total command of carving Carrara Marble.
His sculptures are original and inventive. I was impressed with his imagery, which is full of symbolism, mystery, and sensuous beauty. His design concepts are elegant and the subject matter is rich in allegory. Ulfs choice of unusual shaped stones and his ability to unveil the hidden treasures within is truly remarkable.
In an Art world of redundant forms, and trite clichés, I find his works refreshing and desirable.
I left knowing I had met a remarkable sculptor, a powerful creative presence, in a sea of uncertainty.”Jeffrey J. Rutledge, Director, the Rutledge Gallery
Dayton, Ohio. U.S.A. Mai 2008